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Cannaboss Global is an international company of CBD products. We are headquartered in Romania having offices and distribution centres in the UK and Greece, with future plans for expansion in other EU and global markets.

What sets us apart from other companies is our vision, along with our level of commitment and dedication towards it. Our dream is to educate people about the true properties and potentials of the cannabis plant and to supply its products to those who need them. We focus our efforts on producing high quality content to inform people, and on building a positive image of Cannabis. We stay on top of new developments in the industry, especially in the US and Canada.

We are big believers in the cannabis plant for its many beneficial uses. We are more than ready to be pioneers in this industry and take risks where others fail to see the potential.

Every company has a start-up story, however. Ours starts in Colchester back in 2013. There we (that is, the owners and founders of CannaBoss, Eugeniu and Sebastian) met for the first time, becoming and remaining good friends ever since. University life, big dreams and long talks about philosophy and politics, that’s what our days were made of, typical university student/philosopher profile. Our reality today is different, though there are traces of our old selves left, most importantly our ability to learn.

CannaBoss Founders
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Stay Positive

When we met in Birmingham again in the autumn of 2017, our orientations were completely different, one of us doing his PhD on Cyber Security and the other one looking for full time employment at a legal firm. During our stay there, however, we started working together on various projects like affiliate marketing and drop-shipping, which gave us valuable experience that proved useful for our business. We started to want new, exciting and meaningful things.

We are lifelong learners. We started to realize this when we had to organize everything by ourselves for our new company, when CannaBoss was taking its first steps. Since then, we have gathered a lot of valuable knowledge. Cannabis is not just any plant and the more we learned the more inspired we got. We gained experience from expositions, meetings with people in the industry, and especially from our own daily and extensive research. Taking this path made us realize who we truly are and what we really want from ourselves and for the world. We are very confident in our expertise in the hemp industry.

We started by opening offices all over Europe, in Romania, Greece and the UK, in markets where we have identified strong emerging demand. This is only our initial step, aiming to expand all over the world with cannabis dispensaries, starting with Europe, where the market is still in its early development.

Our story is too long to put on just one page. It has been a wonderful journey, with deep realizations, and today we are blessed to know our true purpose in this world. Simply put, our mission is to raise awareness, help humanity, and change the world for the better, helping it to heal from self-destructive tendencies and bad habits (i.e. ego, stress, anger and anxiety), as well as a plethora of ailments.

“But how can a hemp company change the world?”, you may be asking yourself. The answer is this: by supplying people with hemp products, by reminding them of the forgotten knowledge and introducing them to new information about the cannabis plant, and by suggesting all-natural ways to use it for both medicinal and mental health purposes. If you find these statements hard to believe, it may be that you haven’t done enough research on this wonder plant yet.

Cannabis will save the world. This is what we believe. We are just the messengers. Our purpose is to help humanity find its true self, full of joy, sharing, love, and health! We are CannaBoss, Hempowering Humanity!

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