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5 Things to Know Before You Buy CBD Oil Online

The average user that is looking to buy CBD oil online has many options available. However, great thought should be given before purchasing a product, as not all CBD oils are created equal.

As CBD is becoming one of the fastest growing industries, hundreds of companies are now joining the action to claim their stake of the market. While you may think that more variety and competition is good, that is not necessarily always the case. That is especially true for the largely unregulated CBD industry that exists today.

In any industry there will always be good products and bad products. One of the challenges of the CBD industry however, is the emerging nature of the industry. There are no brands and products that have truly established and made a name for themselves yet. Many people still don’t know what CBD is, let alone brands of CBD products. It is therefore difficult to find reliable information on most products and suppliers regarding the quality of their products, other than a few review sites scattered around the web.

Another problem plaguing the industry is a lack of regulation. The reality is regulators have still not caught up with the emerging CBD industry. There are no harmonized regulations in place across different markets. This has lead to a self-regulating CBD industry, where many unscrupulous companies are left free to take advantage of the lack of information and regulation to make hefty profits on dodgy products.

What Should I Look For Before I Buy CBD Oil Online?

The only solution to these problems for the average user is getting educated on the facts before making a purchase.

As the market gets increasingly saturated with hundreds of brands, it is important for consumers to know what to look for in a high quality CBD oil product.

In this article you will find a list of 10 things to look out for before you buy CBD oil online.

1. 3rd Party Lab Tests

The first thing you should look out for when considering to buy CBD oil is if the product has been tested by a 3rd party lab. If the product has been tested, the lab results should be made readily available on the producer/seller’s website for everyone to see. For example, we at CannaBoss list lab test results for all of our products on a dedicated section of our website. This should be common practice for any producer or online retailer.

What to look for in a lab report?

Here is a list of things to look for in a lab report.

Is the cannabinoid content advertised on the product consistent with the lab report?

The main purpose of the lab test is to confirm that you are indeed getting what you’re paying for, and the cannabinoid content is accurate. Most commonly, the content should be slightly higher than advertised in a genuine product. Also, keeping in mind that this is a natural plant extract, you should expect variations between different products and batches.

Is each batch individually tested?

Even if a lab report is available, you should check the testing date. Ideally, the lab report should specify the exact batch number that is listed on your product. Keeping in mind the average shelf life of CBD oil is between 14 and 24 months, a lab report should not be older than 10 months.

Is the lab report verifiable?

The lab report should list the name and contact details of the lab that carried out the testing, as well as a unique identified for that specific report. Anyone can generate a fake certificate. You should have the option of contacting the lab listed on the report directly and verify the report is genuine.

2. Does the CBD Oil contain less than 0.2% THC?

While THC is beneficial in therapeutic applications, it is unfortunately still illegal in most of the world. The oil you purchase must contain less than 0.2% THC in order for it to be legal.

3. Where and how was the hemp cultivated?

Being the primary source of CBD, the hemp biomass is very important to the quality of the final product.

As with everything else, there are various degrees of quality for the hemp biomass, depending on where and how it is grown. A very important factor to this is the quality of the soil as well as the growing practices. The producer does should explicitly say the hemp was grown without the use of pesticides and GMOs. If they don’t, that could be an indicating factor that the grower does not follow growing best practices. While ultimately impossible for the average consumer to verify the growing conditions, it should be something to look out for.

Finally, while organic certification does not guarantee the quality of the product, it is a welcome addition.

4. Is the oil obtained from Whole Plant Extract or CBD Isolate?

When shopping for CBD oil online, most products use one or more of the following keywords: “Full Spectrum/Whole Plant Extract”, “Broad Spectrum”, “CBD Isolate”. Understanding the difference between them is very important when choosing the right product for you.

Full Spectrum CBD (sometimes referred to as Whole Plant CBD/Extract) is an extract that contains all of the naturally occuring cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes in the hemp plant, including THC (withing legal limits).

Broad Spectrum CBD is essentially the same as Full Spectrum, without the THC. It contains all of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant, except the THC which has been completely removed.

CBD Isolate is a pure refined extract of 99%+ CBD. It has a white crystallized appearance and contains nothing but pure 99%+ CBD.

By far the best type of product to get is Full Spectrum CBD. This is due to the fact that the many different cannabinoids in the hemp plant work together in synergy. This creates a much stronger effect than any of them on their own, CBD included. This is known as the Entourage Effect. You can learn more about it here.

If for various reasons you cannot risk having any traces of THC in your system, then you should look at Broad Spectrum CBD. Keep in mind that CBD isolate products do not work as good as the other two. We would recommend staying away from them.

5. What is the extraction method?

There are various ways of extracting CBD out of the hemp plant, with various different qualities of final extract.

The lowest quality extracts involve the use of harmful solvents during the extraction process, and may leave residues behind in the final product, which is not something you would want to ingest.

The current industry “gold standard” is Supercritical CO2 extraction, which is a solvent-free extraction method that uses pressurized CO2 to extract the CBD. The extract is compressed in a supercritical cold liquid state, which preserves all of the plant’s cannabinoids, trichromes and terpenes.

In short, CO2 extraction preserves the purity of the CBD extract without contaminating the final product. If you’re considering to buy CBD oil online, make sure to check the extraction process.

Where Should I Buy CBD Oil Online?

There are many websites where you can buy CBD oil online, either directly from the producer’s website, or from various online retailers.

While the manufacturer’s website will usually have the cheapest price for their own brand of products, retailers regularly run discounts and promos. You might get lucky and catch yourself a discount! Another advantage of purchasing from a retailer site is a wider variety of products to choose from.

Finally, check if the website/producer you are purchasing from has online reviews on third party websites like Trustpilot. It always helps knowing others have had a good experience purchasing from them.

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